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VA Claims Attorneys Albuquerque & Texas – Lawyers Helping Warriors

Our service members sacrificed for us and now it’s time we fight for them. Veterans need access to the appropriate medical and legal services that will assist them in obtaining the disability benefits they need and deserve. Lawyers Helping Warriors is an organization dedicated to fighting for veterans. Our unique process provides medical and legal services so disabled veterans can obtain the disability benefits they need. With offices in Albuquerque & Texas, we’re prepared to give you the upper hand in your disability claim!

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We Fight For Veterans


Our nation’s veterans fought for us, we believe it’s time to fight for them. Lawyers Helping Warriors is an organization dedicated to ensuring that our American veterans have access to the medical and legal services they need in order to obtain their disability benefits. Our proven process has been designed to work for each and every veteran so that “No one is left behind.”

Who We Are


Lawyers Helping Warriors is dedicated to helping our Veterans receive the disability benefits that they deserve! We represent a large amount of War Heroes, but we work with each client as if they’re our only client. We have the experience that matters in Veteran Affairs, we even hosted Justice for Veterans the TV show. We are passionate about ensuring that the men and women who have fought for our freedom have the best representation in the fight for their benefits! Our attorneys are trained, educated and supported by our unique medical process that provides veterans with the medical evidence they need for their claim.

Our Experience


We handle claims throughout the United States. We are known for our expertise in Veterans issues. We have attorneys who are accredited representatives with the Veterans Administration and who are licensed before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. We are a member of the National Organization for Veterans Advocates (NOVA) and are honored to employ a group of professionals dedicated to helping our veterans and their families.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is an anxiety disorder that develops as a result of a traumatic event such as combat or military exposure. The trauma causes fear and anxiety over the idea that you, your family, and your friends may be in danger.


Clinical depression is often diagnosed in veterans and is known to create disturbances in mood, concentration, sleep patterns, activity level, interests, appetite, and social behavior. Clinical Depression can be especially debilitating.


There are several types of anxiety disorders that may affect veterans including Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, and many others. Any anxiety disorder can negatively impact every part of a persons life.

Bipolar Disorder

If you are suffering from alternating periods of elevated and depressed moods, you may have bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depression. Bipolar disorder is a disruptive, long-term condition that requires medical or psychological treatment.


Our Vision

That every qualified American veteran and family member receives appropriate VA benefits.

Our Mission

To provide medical and legal assistance to American veterans and their family members in order to secure the benefits for care and services they need, deserve and have earned through their service and sacrifice to our country. Our team of professionals helps them navigate through the procedures and paperwork required to obtain their benefits creating a positive outcome.

We Believe

As a national American veteran advocacy organization that no disabled American veteran should be denied VA benefits because of a lack of access to proper medical and legal services.

Other veteran organizations are not capable of this level of support and assistance.

James S.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you so very much for all that you have done for me. As a veteran who has struggled with PTSD since the mid 1970s, it is such a wonderful feeling to have someone stand up and fight on your behalf. I could not have accomplished what you have done for me. Your staff worked tirelessly to jump through all the hurdles the system has.

Rebecca L.


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Thank You Veterans!